Who we are

A new life starts with the first step!

„New Life Orthopaedic Center Uganda“ is a national non-profit organization (NGO) in Uganda. Our overall goal is to restore quality of life to amputees who cannot afford it through prostheses and other orthopedic devices, and especially to provide holistic care to children. In addition, Ugandan specialists are being trained and further educated in order to improve the inadequate care of amputees throughout the country. In close cooperation with the non-profit association „PRO Uganda“, which is based in Germany and Switzerland, orthopedic aids for young and adult patients are manufactured in our own workshop in Kiyunga and patients are trained in their use. We also train local apprentices to become orthopedic mechanics. A new competence center with a training workshop, seminar and office facilities as well as other flanking offers for aftercare will round off the extensive range of services provided by the associations.

While PRO Uganda Germany/Switzerland organizes and coordinates the work to a large extent and takes care of the necessary financial resources (fundraising, public relations, etc.) and supervises the financial flows, New Life OCU is the operative implementing partner, which is directly responsible on site for the use of funds, project control and the recruitment and administration of local staff. In addition, the Ugandan branch of the organization provides procurement of materials and machinery to ensure continuity of supply.

What we stand for

The purpose and tasks of New Life OCU essentially correspond to the goals of the partner PRO Uganda. This includes the care of amputees and physically disabled children and adults. The aim is to help them find their way back into social life using simple but effective means. The work is based on Christian values.

Focal points are:
• Establishment and expansion of the required infrastructure (rooms, equipment, machines, etc.)
• Procurement and transport of orthopedic and technical aids and equipment
• Measures for orthopaedic technical education and training in Uganda with the aim of establishing a professional image with good standards
• Cooperation and active partnership with organizations in Uganda and abroad. Networking in the areas of education and care (clinics, orthopedic workshops and other institutions/organizations)
• Close cooperation with other non-profit organizations in Uganda to support holistic care, especially for children
• Approach potential supporters as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions that can promote or advance the work in various ways.

Our Team

The team consists of the workshop management, trained orthopedic masters, local trainees, administrative staff and volunteers. The intention to create something good for the people in Uganda drives us every day – we do every upcoming work with passion. We do it for all those who cannot help themselves by their own efforts.

Our Wish

For the continuation and expansion of our work, we are looking for further national and international partners, supporters and organizations that support us in one way or another or cooperate with us. Examples of support projects are the equipment of the premises of our competence center, the procurement of material and machines or the construction of a walking school course for patients. We would like to network with local partners who support our goals. Please feel free to contact us if you have further information or see possibilities for funding.

New Life Orthopaedic Center Uganda
P.O. Box 150653
Mail: info@newlife-uganda.org
Contact: Cecile Musinguzi
Mobil: +256 704 026289
Website: Newlife-Uganda.org

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